Online Store Questions

1) How do I place an order?

For current customers with online store access, orders can be placed directly through the online store via purchase order. 

2) How do I request a return?
For returns, please email the Customer Support Team at medicalcsshared@stryker.com and they will contact you to assist with the RMA process.

3) What is your email/fax to send orders?
Email orders can be submitted to medicalcsshared@stryker.com.  Faxed orders can be sent to 800-329-7879.  A Customer Support Representative will follow-up regarding your order.

4) Where is the webstore sign-in?
Go to the Stryker Emergency Care online store homepage. Then click on the Login/Register link in the upper right-hand corner and enter your username and password.

5) What payment methods do you accept?
Purchases can be made using purchase order for customers using a PO system.

6) Where can I send a payment?
Mailed payments for purchases made thru the Emergency Care online store can be sent to:  Physio-Control, Inc.  |  1200 Collections Center Drive  |  Chicago, IL  60693.

7) I want to use a credit on my account, how do I do that?
For purchases using account credit, please contact the Customer Support Team by email (medicalcsshared@stryker.com) or phone (800-327-0770).

8) How do I check the status of an order?
You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your order submission, and a second email with tracking information once your order ships.  For additional questions, please contact Customer Support by email (medicalcsshared@stryker.com) or phone (800-327-0770)

9) Can I get a quote without ordering?
Placing items in your cart and specifying quantities will give you a price estimate (minus shipping and final tax calculations).  For formal quotes, please contact your Sales Representative.

10) Can I hold my order until I get approval?
Items which you wish to purchase may be placed in your cart and held until you are ready to checkout. 

11) How do I update my account?
For account updates, click the "My account" link on the top of the screen.  From there, you will be able to make a variety of updates to your account profile.  

12) How do I find the product I am looking for?
Please visit the Stryker Emergency Care online store homepage. There, you will be able to enter search terms or filter items by product or category.

13) Do you ship internationally?
At this time, the Stryker Emergency Care online store is only available for customers in the United States.

14) What is the estimated date of delivery?
Your estimated date of delivery will vary depending on the shipping method you select.  Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email that will include tracking information.

15) What is the balance of my account?
For questions on account balance, please contact the Customer Support Team by email (medicalcsshared@stryker.com) or phone (800-327-0770)

Product Questions

1) Where are the operating instructions for devices?
Device operating instructions can found on our Product Resources page. From there, you can filter by device and documents to find the operating instructions.

2) How do I dispose of an old battery?
Recommended instructions for US devices and batteries disposal and recycling can be found here

3) Who is my Sales Rep?
To be connected with your Sales Representative, please fill out this form and your Rep will contact you.

4) Where do can I find LIFENET information?
Information on the LIFENET System can be found by visiting the LIFENET product page

5) Where can I find information on AED program management?
Information on AED program management can be found by visiting our LIFELINKcentral product page

6) Where can I find Health EMS information?
Information on HealthEMS, our ePCR solution, can be found on the HealthEMS products page

7) Who can I contact regarding Stryker ProCare service plans?
For assistance or questions with ProCare service, please fill out the Find A Rep Form and you will be contacted by a Stryker representative.